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"White people in America are a trip… they exterminate the Native American and then try to dress just like them. What kind of necrophilia is that?"


A Huey P. Newton Story


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Video: U.G.L.Y. | Ugly’s Anthem

Video: U.G.L.Y. | Ugly’s Anthem @SuperDuperUGLY #AWGU

Check out U.G.L.Y.’s new visual release “Ugly’s Anthem,” off his The Ugly Truth mixtape out now.

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Mixtape: @ChaseLifted | Stupid Hippy Drug Love #AWGU

We love each other. We hate each other. We’re in stupidhippydrugLOVE. - Chase Lifted
Beats: miska. | create life. @BLVNTRECORDS #AWGU

Dope Vibes, enjoy!